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We are a group of 13 young people currently on NCS in Hampshire and we are planning events to raise money for a charity that we feel very strongly about - Plastic Oceans UK.

We chose Plastic Oceans UK because they are an amazing charity that support keeping the ocean plastic free. They do this by educating schools and businesses on ways to reduce their plastic usage and increasing sustainability. They also work with scientists to find new solutions in how to tackle the issue. As a group we decided that the environment is one of the biggest issues for our generation and that social action will be key so we chose Plastic Oceans UK so we can help support their work.

On the 22nd July we will be doing a sponsored swim at the King's School in Winchester. We will each be doing shifts of swimming and hope to exceed our collective 25km target. On the 25th July we will be doing a litter pick on Lepe Beach to reduce the waste at a local beach as well as raising awareness of Plastic Oceans UK to the general public.

You will be able to keep up to date with how we are doing on both events, and our other events, through our social media: we can be found on Instagram through @ncsuo107. We will be posting regular updates and photos on there.

We will use all funds to donate straight to the charity. You can find more about the charity here: https://plasticoceans.uk/about-us/

We would appreciate any amount of donations, big and small, and thank you for your support.

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  1. Jeremy and Helen Neville says:

    Fantastic achievement, a very worthy cause.


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