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We are NCS group U1508 Havant.

On Monday the 5th August we are locating ourselves in the meridian centre in Havant, and we will be collecting food for the local food bank (the beacon). We will also be collecting sanitary items to prevent period poverty.

On Tuesday the 6th August we will be live streaming all of us learning how to box with Lab99 in Petersfield, in which we will be asking for donations to go towards the items we require.

On Wednesday the 7th August we have set up a mini music festival in which a variety of bands and solo artists will be performing all day, there will be face painting, tombola etc and it will be lots of fun for the day.

We would all greatly appreciate if you could be a part of our cause, and donate a small amount to help us achieve our goal of £75!

Thank you for your consideration!

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  1. Good luck with the planned charity events. You’ve all done a great job! Well Done 🙂


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