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As part of our NCS we are taking part in out two weeks of social action project.  We have chosen two charities to raise money for. Our first chosen charity is the Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance service. This charity runs completely off of donations and receives no government funding. Someone in our group has a personal connection to this charity so we know how much impact the charity has. Without the air ambulances efficiency their family member wouldn’t have had the extra years with their family that they had. They need £15,000 a day to keep running, and it keeps climbing, without our help they won’t be able to continue saving thousands of lives per day. It only takes 240 seconds for them to be airborne and only 10 minutes to get to anywhere in Hampshire. The work they do is incredibly important and is an amazing cause. We would love to raise awareness as every air ambulance service is all charity donations, and they deserve our help.

our second charity is Parkinson’s UK. The number of people diagnosed with Parkinsons in the UK is about 145,000, which is a staggering statistic of around 1 adult in every 350. We have two people in our group that have a personal connection to this charity so they know how difficult their lives become when every day movements become near to impossible. Things like this make you realise just how much some people need our help. Together we can raise the money to find cures and make everyday life how it was before making them happier and giving them a better life.


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