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We are raising money for CRY, a charity which aims to raise awareness of the deaths caused by undiagnosed heart conditions, support families affected by the deaths of people with undiagnosed heart conditions and provide screenings for young people to identify any heart conditions they may have. We would like to raise money for CRY as this charity has personally helped a member of our group by helping to fund heart screenings for her, as well as providing heart screenings for some of us who went to The Mountbatten School.

A former member of The Mountbatten School, Phil Standing, tragically died due to an undiagnosed heart condition. He was physically fit and there was no reason he should have died, other than an unknown condition he had lived with unknowingly for his whole life. As if this story was not tragic enough already, he had two young twins and a wife, and at only 30 years of age, his life had only just begun.

We would donate the money raised as part of this fundraiser directly to CRY to help with all their amazing work. We appreciate any donations you provide and thank you wholeheartedly.


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