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We are NCS group UO201 and on Monday the 23rd of July we going to do a 15km walk aiming to raise money for the Helen Arkell Centre.

The Helen Arkell Centre is a charity which raised awareness and support for those people who are affected by dyslexia. The centre also helped to train teachers to have a better understanding of people with the learning difficulty.

We will use the fund to donate to the charity, who will use the money for more resources and training at the centre.

The Helen Arkell centre they offer dyslexia support and advice to people who need it. Both adults and children are supported. They offer dyslexia assessment, consultations and specialist tuition. They provide dyslexia training for teachers in schools and support employees and employers in the work place.

We would appreciate any amount of donations and thank you for your support,

Thank you very much ,

Group UO201


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