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For our NCS Social Action phase we are doing several fundraisers and volunteering to help our local community and the fight against MND. We will be doing litter picking and weeding in our local high street as part of our volunteering. We will also be going to Borovere care home to run a bingo and quiz night for the residents, including some valuable time spent just talking with the residents. We are hoping that this will make them feel more included in the community.

For our fundraisers we will be running a sweet sale in the Market Square and a six hour funky disco in the community centre. Both of these fundraisers will be raising awareness, support and donations for the MND Association. The funky disco will be an event for all ages where we will encourage people to come and join in, take part in a lucky dip and face painting. This will be a fun, energetic, nostalgic event as we travel back through sixty decades of music. Each hour will be a different era of music starting with the sixties. The objective of this will be to include all ages and members of the community to give a wider range of awareness for MND.


What is MND?  Motor Neurone Disease is a rapidly progressing disease which affects the brain and spinal cord

What does the MNDA do?  MNDA is an association set up to speed up the diagnosis of MND to help give support and funding to help those which need it.

Where does my money go? Your money would help provide equipment and support for those which cant afford it, such as cutlery,stair lifts and light-writer.

How bad can MND get? The most severe stage of MND is complete paralyzation of the suffers body.

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