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We are NCS group N1508 and we are raising money for The Marwell Wildlife Charity. We will be holding a bake sale, a litter pick and sponsored bee hive making. We will be doing the bake sale on Monday 5th August, the litter pick on Tuesday 6th and construction of the sponsored beehives will take place after the following two days- 7th and 8th of August.

The reason we chose to support the Marwell Wildlife Charity is because we are all very passionate about climate change and protecting the environment. One major issue currently is the lack of bees able to be pollinators which contributes to the larger issue of the ecosystem. So our main focus was protecting and raising money to help bees.

We will use the funds to donate to the charity so they can further improve the help they give to animals. Not only are we raising money but we hope that the litter pick helps and encourages other people to get involved in helping protect the environment. Furthermore, the hives that we make will be put up either in Marwell zoo or the local Winchester area to help save the bees in our community.

A little bit more information on our charity: Donating to Marwell could make a significant difference to their conservation work in the zoo and around the world. The variety of their projects is vast and have been anything from reintroducing desert antelopes in the Sahara to community-based projects in Northern Kenya and habitat restoration in the South of England. Not only do they spend lots of time and work with zoo animals they also focus on the local environment, which is the main reason we chose to work with them as we are very passionate about bees.

We would appreciate any amount of donations and thank you all for your support.


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