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We are NCS group 5 and we are doing multiple activities to raise as much money as possible to give to our chosen charity which is st michaels hospice. We are doing a sponsored cycle on exercise bikes which is going to be the distance of John O Groats to Lands End which is a impressive 602 miles (as the crow flies)! This will take all day and will be fun but also very hard work for us. Also we are doing groundwork at the hospice and giving out leaflets promoting the hospice. This will be over a week starting 29/7/19.

We have chosen this brilliant charity st michaels hospice to raise money for due to the hard work and dedication they put in to help all ages and all kinds of people no matter how sick or ill they are. We think they should get all the help they can can and all the money we raise will go towards making lives better as every little helps.All the money we will raise will go directly to the charity and they will then they will decide how it is spent.

There are over 500 patients a year in the st michaels hospice community and each one gets the fullest care they can get will all the money we will raise. st michaels hospice  allows anyone faced with life-limiting illnesses to get the best quality of life and best support for the patients and also there families during there last few months together as a family. The hospice was set up in 1991 and from day one has worked tirelessly to make peoples lives as enjoyable as it can be during a hart braking time. This crates a sense of community as evreyone there is in the same boat fighting the same thing.

We would appreciate any donation whether is £1 or or £100 every penny gets put towards a young or old persons future making it more bearable and enjoyable time for there last few moments in life. Bring a little sunshine during a storm.

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