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We are NCS group N0802 and we are doing a BBQ fete, Fortnite Tournament and Sponsored Walk for Cancer Research UK. We chose Cancer Research UK as our charity because we all believe that the work and research they do is extremely useful towards helping beat cancer. As cancer is one of the main killers in the world our group thought that it would be suitable to choose this charity. All donations that we receive will go to Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK is a fantastic charity because in the last 40 years that have helped increase the survival rate of cancer by double. Donations towards the charity have enabled them to further their knowledge of the disease and work towards a cure.

Our BBQ Fete will be taking place on Wednesday 31st of July from 3-7pm, at Sherfield Green, in Sherfield on Loddon. Events taking place will include a 5-a-side football tournament for under 18s, carnival games and a raffle. Food and soft drinks will be available at the event.

Our Fortnite tournament will be taking place on Monday 29th of July from 5-7pm. Participants will compete from their own devices at home. There will be an entry fee for each player, 100% of the money raised will go towards Cancer Research UK, and once this fee is received the participant will be invited on the App Discord where all communications will take place. Each player will compete in five matches, with each kill worth a point and top 5 placements worth more points. The player who wins the whole competition will win the Gift Card prize available. The link to our discord is: https://discord.gg/DgherXV

The sponsored walk will take place on Thursday 1st of August, it will involve walking 10km with activities and challenges along the way. We will be walking from Basingstoke town centre out to Old Basing along canal walks, through woods and across fields before looping back to our start point.

Any amount of money you give towards our goal will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Do I need to own a console to compete?

Yes, each participant will need their own device to partake in the Fortnite tournament. Participants can compete on any of the following: PS4, PC, Xbox

How long will the competition take?

It depends on how long the games take, but we estimate around 45 mins - 2 hrs

What happens after I send my donation?

After the donation has been received, please download the app 'Discord' on your phone or PC, it is a free to download app, and this is where we will invite everyone to the game. There is a Discord link further above, click it and you should be invited to our chat lobby.

Is there a minimum age for the Fortnite Competition?

Unfortunately, only people the age of 12 are able to compete in the Fortnite Competition in compliance with the PEGI Age Ratings

Do I need change for the BBQ?

Yes, we recommend that you bring change, as it is likely there will not be much change available if you pay with notes.

Is the BBQ Family Friendly?

Yes, people of all age are welcome!

Is the BBQ Dog Friendly?

Yes, feel free to bring along dogs!

Do I need equipment for the football tournament?

Shin pads are not required for players, however shoes with studs are prohibited. All players are required to have closed-toe shoes.

How long are the football matches?

The matches are 10 minutes long and the appropriate time will be added on for time wasting. There will be an event organiser to help with the refereeing of the matches.

What events are we sponsoring?

As well as the events above, we are doing a sponsored walk, gardening and care home volunteering. We would greatly appreciate it if you could donate even just a little bit of money to our cause, in hopes that we can eventually end the fight against cancer


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