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We are NCS group C0812 and we are raising money for Forgotten Veterans and Mind. We will be doing a range of volunteering and fundraising to raise money which will be slit and donated to these two charities.

On Monday 29th July we will be litter picking down Portchester Recreation Ground.

On Tuesday 30th July we will be doing a coffee morning at the Holy Trinity Church, Fareham.

On Wednesday 31st July we will be doing an 11 mile walk from Ferneham Hall to Lee- On- The- Solent. We will then walk up and down the beach talking to people and spreading awareness about the charities and our Crowdfund page.

On Thursday 1st August we are going to Northcott House, Gosport to serve tea and coffee as we; as working with the residents.

The reasons we chose to support Forgotten Veterans and Mind is because both of these charities touch close to home is all of us. We feel like they deserve the recognition and support for all the help they have given to others.

We will use the funds to donate and to buy any equipment we need over those four days. Any donations that are left over will be split and donated straight to the two charities.

Forgotten Veterans was set up to support all Service Veterans in need. FVUK aims to offer support to anyone who needs assistance from financial advice to befriending. The whole team are volunteers giving their free time to help those veterans in need.

Mind helps anyone from ages 14-18 with your wellbeing and issues that are worrying you about how you feel. They offer different ways for support; face-to-face, over the phone and by email. They also offer information to those people who are unaware of what mental health is and how it can affect people.

We would appreciate any amount of donations and thank you for your support.


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