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Our team of 14 enthusiastic young people is hoping to support the Mind charity in as many ways as possible. Mind is a charity that provides help and support for people suffering from mental health illnesses. We chose this charity as we believe it will help many people in our community and is a relevant cause for our age group.

Some of our fundraising ideas include:

  • a SPONSORED SALON SESH where members of our team will be dyeing their hair crazy colours such as pink, purple and blue and Justin will be getting his legs waxed. Thank you Windwhistle Websites for sponsoring this movement! Want to see this happen? Get donating and find us on social media to see a LIVESTREAM of our activities.
  • a FAMILY FUN NIGHT with a huge Mastermind quiz, a raffle and pick'n'mix that everyone is invited to! (Venue to be confirmed!)

We appreciate every penny and we're sure the people who benefit from the charity do too!


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