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We are NCS team CO109 and we are raising funds for Winchester Hospice.

At the moment the closest Palliative end of life care is situated in either Southampton or Andover which means large logistical issues for families who live in Winchester and the surrounding areas which leads to a difficulties visiting families which means that people can not visit their loved ones in the time of need.

Therefore the importance of a hospice located in Winchester is of, in our opinion, the utmost priority.

Therefore this week each of us are going to do 6 hours of Cycling, 4 hours of swimming which will be roughly 100 lengths of the 25m pool each therefore equalling 2.5km as well as a 20km run along the cycle path from the Kingsgate Tennis Club to the end of the viaduct near to J11 of the motorway at Shawford.

We are looking for people to kindly sponsor us to do these events and therefore we hope to raise as much money as possible

We would appreciate any support you would like to give and thank you for the donations or any other support that you may give.


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