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We are an NCS (National Citizen Service) group. We are trying to create awareness about homelessness. It is a massive massive issue that's increasing every day, and not just in large cities such as London, Birmingham and Leeds. But in your local area.  Because of this we as a group of young dedicated teenagers, have decided to take part in a Sleep-out on the night of Wednesday 24th July-Thursday 25th July 2019. We wanted to do this, as an opportunity to really understand how hard it really is spending a night outside with little to no resources, as we really do take those little things for granted. We would really appreciate your donation, as it means we are able to donate it to Julian House. Julian House is a charity devoted to helping those who are on the streets. It helps them achieve a new start, by educating them, providing them with the correct attire for job interviews. Don't you think that it's important that we all do our bit to get these people off the streets and to help them get their lives together! Well, we do. That's why every penny made on here will be given to Julian House. Help us as a community change people's lives for the better.


What is NCS?

NCS also known as also National Citizen Service is a event that takes place between the months June-August. It's for youths Ages 16+17 only. It includes 3 phases; 2 of which are residential's while the last one is service work. (raising money for a charity).

What other activities will be taking place at the sleep-out?

Other than sleeping, we'll have various other activities such as card games, team games and singing.

Where will you be sleeping?

We will be sleeping in Stratton Park in Kempshott. We'll be in sleeping bags on sheets of cardboard. However there is a Scout hut close by in case of extreme weather. So we're safe.

Will you have food and water?

Because we really want to experience the lifestyle of a homeless person, we will not have food however we will have water.

Other than your group who else is sleeping?

This a private event, therefore members of the public are not welcome to take part. However our team leaders will be joining us to sleep on the floor.


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